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adrienn krahl 

abstract artist


What does balance look like, is it the same for everyone?
How does symmetry or asymmetry make people feel?

I am a contemporary artist exploring the subject of balance, symmetry and asymmetry via abstract paintings and other forms of medium.  I’ve always been interested in complex patterns, and repetitions in architectural design, and my current pieces pay homage to this admiration. Joining works together via abstract collage allows for some unique details to develop. Discovering these, creates new aspects of the artwork, reminding me, the artist, as well as the viewers to remain observant of their surroundings and the fine details in life. 

I have studied Art and Design History in London, but painting and developing abstract works have become part of my life at a later stage. My collage technique allows me to explore more complex patterns and design ideas, and to take abstract compositions to a new level. My favourite material to work with is black ink, which features in most of my artworks. The texture, depth and its diversity resonate well with the bold compositions and experimental pieces I create.


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