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adrienn krahl 

abstract artist

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Adrienn Krahl’s paintings express a profound sense of drama and emotional weight. 

Krahl works in a range of mediums, including acrylics, charcoal and ink, blending painterly spontaneity with an architectural approach to structure. The mastery with which she allows each medium to express its unique properties creates the impression of different psychological forces at work within the composition. 

Though her compositions are completely abstract, the complex, angst- filled tangles of lines, color fields and forms suggest a story is being told. Careful attention to detail yields to an embrace of chaos as different mediums advance and recede, paint casually drips across the surface, and asymmetry gives way to balance. 

Her digital works propose an insight into a different dimension, where everyday objects gain a mystical, almost surreal, nature. There is a strong push and pull force between light and dark, black and white and sharp lines and blurred forms, creating a world of opposing forces, balance and imagination. Discovering her surrounding through a digital perspective challenged her to transcend consumerism ugliest excess to a higher form of artistic beauty. 

Krahl’s fascination with black ink goes back to her time spent living in the Far East. She believes there is something regal about the process of painting with ink, feeling closer to the Asian culture and the thousand years old practice that ink art represents. In her interpretation the interaction with paper and ink is more profound, especially when she is using it on synthetic surfaces. She often feels like the mediator between the two worlds; black and white, fluid and rigid, flowing and still. Watching the ink dry, literally, is part of the creation for her– almost like a meditation, getting lost in the velvety reflection of the world, and seeing what these opposite forces are jointly capable of.

Born in Budapest, Hungary, Krahl studied Art and Design History in London, and currently lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. 

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