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artist statement

Feeling the sheer sense of creativity flowing through me and getting lost in the process is why I paint. I just want to be me, be daring, be creative, be bold and be in the moment. Paying attention to myself and nobody else and nothing around me is one of the most significant gifts I can give myself. 

I always had a strong admiration for intricate patterns, repetition, and architectural designs, which eventually led to my passion for abstract painting and abstract collage and experimenting with the fine connection of various art and design disciplines. Joining works together allows for some unique details to develop, something new to be revealed. 

Discovering these, create a new aspect of the artwork, reminding us all to remain observant of our surroundings and the fine details in life. Although not all my pieces are actual collages, the notion of collage can be found in all of my works. There is an element of detachment, a surprise factor that will aim to throw the viewer off the perceived path and move them in the direction of (self)discovery. 

I am from Budapest, Hungary, but haven’t lived in my native country for over 17 years. Exploring new places has always been an inspiration for me, and the more I travel, the more I want to see. Being true to yourself, being different from others takes courage, and this courage comes from how we feel about ourselves and how the things we surround ourselves with make us feel. 

As an artist, I am invested in learning to empower myself to be free of self-judgement, free of beliefs about how things should be done, free of social conditioning and just create. 

why I create

I create so that others not only see the art, but also feel the courage, the strength and the freedom that lies within each piece and therefore within themselves. 

I create to answer the question of “​ What if?”.​ To me the what if moments that make creating interesting. The experimentation, the unknown what you will find. It keeps you guessing and it keeps you want to move forward by trying new things and see how these will make you feel, what effect will they have on you. This is the essence of self-discovery, learning and growing as an artist and as a human being. I pay attention only to myself and my thoughts, my feelings and what feels right in that moment. It is a delicate interaction between me and my design; we draw inspiration from one another. 

where my inspiration comes from

The best way I can describe what abstract painting and abstract collage means to me is via comparing it to a never-ending puzzle with countless possibilities. The real magic lies within finding, amongst all the odds, the pieces that meant to be together. Finding this harmony and all corresponding details, where there are no instructions, making you look within and taking inspiration from what you find there. 

what to expect if you buy my art

first of all a very happy and thankful emerging artist 

and now the fine print...

Payment options: 

PayPal and direct bank transfer

Shipping Cost: 

Based on the size and material of the work (paper, stretched or unstretced canvas)and the customer delivery address, the shipping cost will be calculated on individual basis and added to the customer's final invoice to settle. 

Refund /Return:

In case you are not satisfied with the purchase you are entitled a full money back guarantee for all purchases made on my website or via instagram. You are eligible for a full reimbursement within 14 calendar days of you receiving the artwork. The cost of safely returning the artwork to me would need to be settled by you, the customer. 



In case of a private commission 50 % of payment is required from the customer upon signing the contract, and 50 % upon completion of the artwork.
Depending on the type/size of the artwork a timeframe will be discussed and agreed with the customer, who will receive regular updates from me, the artist. The process of creating this piece or the final piece will only be shared on my website or social media if you, the customer approves this. Commissions can be returned and partially refunded if you, the customer, is not happy with it, however, the initial 50% deposit is not refundable.

Privacy Policy:

I will not collect or share any personal information provided by the customer. 


Unless you have permission from me, the artist, you should not copy, display or reuse any of my artworks shown on this website or on my instagram profile. 

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